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Settling Fault in Florida: How Can a Person Prove Fault in a Traffic Wreck?

Florida is one of the most dangerous states in the country. Based purely on statistics, only two states topple Florida for the number of reported automobile accidents. It’s dangerous to be on the roads, so drivers need to have a team member on their side.

Get a Team Member, Like a Lawyer

It is best to have someone in mind in the aftermath of a traffic wreck. This someone is a lawyer who can untangle the often complicated webbings following an incident. There is often money involved- and a lot of it. There are insurance companies and individuals trying to prove their innocence in the incident. If more than two people involved, the incident compounds tremendously. Imagine a traffic wreck with three or four cars involved. The results are catastrophic, and a single driver can often fall to the bottom of it.

Lawyers navigate tough obstacles to prove one key aspect post-accident. This is fault. The case revolves around fault, but in legal terms, this can be more easily defined as negligence.

Negligence Leads to Fault

Fault is often hard to prove because it can so easily be toppled. Negligence actually supports that someone was not up to par, and that can often be enough to pinpoint an element of fault. Rarely is fault cut-and-dry.

Unless a driver is intoxicated or the events are extremely clear, the case can be muddled. If one driver was behind a non-moving car and the other was driving twice over the speed limit, fault is easier to identity. But, if the cars are both moving, the line of fault is murky and hard to decipher. Any talented and resourceful lawyer can potentially paint a story supporting their client. This is why it is essential to lay out the pieces on the table. Know what is at stake and where everything sits.

The sheer level of Florida on the “accident map” means that many people are prepared and willing to take it all the way. The stakes are high. The legal matters are complicated. Call a lawyer to find a partner who knows these battlegrounds and can make sure that their client does not wind on the short end of the stick.